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About the Blog 

Hi, I’m Rachel. Welcome! 

I live in the northeast with my husband, two kids and a silly dog named Taco. We lived internationally until covid brought us home to the USA in 2020. I’m culturally southern. I love buttery grits, fried okra and warm hospitality. But my life has been shaped by the many places I’ve lived and traveled across the globe. 

Professionally, I’m a doula and childbirth educator. I also volunteer with an ESL program and work among immigrants and refugees here.  My life is challenged and enriched by working cross-culturally. 

I’m also a follower of Jesus. 

I started writing in 2019 to process difficult transitions, and then I discovered that I love storytelling. This blog is simply a place for me to share my personal stories, cultural experiences and thoughts on faith, life and parenthood with those I love and others who want to listen. It’s also intended to create respectful cultural and religious dialogue.

Like me, this blog is simultaneously silly and serious. 

I believe that words are powerful to bridge barriers and break boundaries.


Writing is one of my favorite hobbies. If I’m any good at it, I credit my high school AP lit teacher, whose name I have long forgotten, who shredded my essays and my confidence with a red pen and taught me that writing is a powerful form of art.

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